BERIC MMC was established in 1998 in Ankara. The core business of the company is CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION OF GSM ANTENA TOWERS AND ENERGY TRANSMISSION LINES. We have completed many projects in the Turkish market as well as in many countries abroad. With our internationall experience in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Uganda, Libya, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Algeria, and finally also in Kazakhstan, we have proved to be a reliable, experienced and professional company in the Telecom Sector. Currently we have 2 ongoing projects for the 2 big operators of 2 countries. One is in Azerbaijan and the other one is in Kazakhstan. The works for KCELL include excavation, lean concrete casting, tower foundation construction works (Iron Concrete), construction of towers, complete erection works for towers, installation of RBS room, wire fence and concrete container works. The works for AZERCELL include maintenance and repair works.

In 2007 BERIC MMC started its activities in Kazakhstan by opening offices in Almaty and Astana.

In the early days of Kazakhstan, GSM Kazakhstan Kazaktelecom (KCELL) managed to become the biggest GSM operator in the country. In the frame of the project enlargement of the cover zone and transmission towers along the road, KCELL entered into 9 provinces and 13 cities with 107 towers for which our company made construction-installation works and survey drilling. We acquired all necessary documentation and got the control approval for the towers from the Government Commission. In addition to that we have also bought 35 fields and rented more than 60 monopole sites. All works done by our company have always been performed and completed on time and without any problems.

The sites where the towers are placed are mainly out of the cities and at high elevations which makes the work quite difficult. Our company succeeded in the struggle against nature and managed to install and activate towers also in the areas where there was limited access with vehicles and where there were many obstacles on the way. At the tower installation we pay special attention to the tower installation and construction techniques and for all works assign two construction engineers and one construction technician. The technical staff which has gained a lot of experience during the years and which consists of many experienced employees manages the works at the sites, deals with the problems if they occur, and solves them according to the technical specifications.

Currently, businesses of two major operators of two big countries are still going on. Excavation, Gro concrete casting, groundwork of tower (Iron Concrete), building towers, installation upside and downside, installation of RBS room, wire fence container concrete works of Kazakhstan (KCELL) and maintenance and repair works of Azerbaijan (AZERCELL-BAKCELL) is continuing.