BERIC MMC BERIC MMC was established in 1998 in Ankara. The core business of the company is CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION OF GSM ANTENA TOWERS AND ENERGY TRANSMISSION LINES. We have completed many projects in the Turkish market as well as in many countries abroad. With our experience in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Libya, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Algeria and Kazakhstan we have proved to be a reliable, experienced and professional company in the Telecom Sector.

Currently, we are implementing 2 big projects for AZERCELL-BAKCELL from Azerbaijan and KCELL from KAZAKHSTAN. The works for KCELL include excavation, lean concrete casting, tower foundation construction works (Iron Concrete), construction of towers, complete erection works for towers, installation of RBS room, wire fence and concrete container works. The works for AZERCELL include maintenance and repair works.

Fields of activity in the tower construction:;

  • Excavation of Tower Base
  • Construction of Towers
    Erection works for Towers
  • Purchasing
  • Project Design
  • Renting
  • Drilling
  • Installation of RPS rooms
  • Wire Fence
  • Concrete Conatainer
    Currently, businesses of two major operators of two big countries are still going on. Excavation, Gro concrete casting, groundwork of tower (Iron Concrete), building towers, installation upside and downside, installation of RBS room, wire fence container concrete works of Kazakhstan (KCELL) and maintenance and repair works of Azerbaijan (AZERCELL-BAKCELL) is continuing.